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Winter Crappie Fishing 2019! Live Minnows vs Marabou Crappie Jigs



Winter Crappie Fishing 2019 ! Fishing for Crappie in the winter can be amazing when you know whether to use live minnow or artificial ice fishing Jigs. In this video I use the double jig crappie rig while ice fishing a small lake in northern Wisconsin. One jig is hooked with a live minnow while the other is a chartreuse marabou jig, which one will catch more crappie?.

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  1. Hey man if you get out ice fishing again this year will you give a quick “how to” as far as where you look to find crappie? Are they in cover in 10-15 ft or do you always start in deep water? I’ve got a flasher and all the other stuff to be successful but I lack the experience. This is my first year ice fishing. If you’ve already done a video could you point me in the right direction? Thank you sir!

  2. 👍🏼#93….. That was a very good fish- well they were all good but a 13 1/2" black crappie is a very good fish…. Can't wait to see how those SK specials work up there….
    Stay At'um…..
    I know you got some good footage of your pb down there with Matt…..

  3. Would really like to see a video, that teaches us where to look for schooling crappie , based on the type of season or maybe based on different water temperatures . Thanks for your hard work and videos

  4. Since you live in went central Wi., I'd like to see you fish some crappies, hard or soft water on the Mississippi. I live on Pool9 and do all my fishing on the river. Thanks and I really enjoy your videos.

  5. Another great video buddy. Glad to hear you're coming down to Missouri. Lake of the Ozarks is popular for the crappie, but you really need to try the other side of the dam and fish Truman sometime. Go get a limit of crappie and then go chase the hybrid bass. They go great with crappie. 🙂 Can't wait to see your videos from IL. 3Pound's video was great, but MAN did you guys ever suffer with the weather down there.

  6. Nice video, did I understand right you made some videos fishing on your trip right?
    If so when posting them?
    Question I have been experimenting making weed less jig heads making them out of plastic strands from a old broom and 50lb mono went fishing yesterday morning cought a few but missed a lot I always miss some we all do right,
    But I missed a lot more than usually, if you was to make some how would you do it,
    Any thoughts on this would be great even if you have never made any,


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