Ever wonder what Fish look like on your sonar? In this video I show you what fish (specifically Crappie) look like on this Humminbird Helix Ice fishing sonar. I break down the basics of how to identify fish on sonar, where your fish finder is looking, and add a few fish finder tips and tricks to help you put more fish on the ice. I walk through how sonar works and the Cone Angle (what is a fish finder viewing) which is important to understand whether you are in a boat or on the ice.

The fish finder is set to 200kHz, which is a standard frequency for most sonar units. At this frequency, the area your sonar is cover is 1/3 the total depth. So, if you’re in 30ft of water, your sonar is scanning a 10ft wide cone of the lake bottom.

Learn more about the Helix 5 Ice Fishing Sonar

MUSIC BY: Lakey Inspired – Feeling Good

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  1. Nice video, love how you explain what's going on, can't wait for the video with 3poundfishing , me and the boys dropped four trees in the lake yesterday do you ever drop trees? And do you ever look at the Barometric pressure? We never have until two weeks ago we made one with a jar and pop bottle and down loaded PWS-Monitor, You should download it has good info on it weather stuff, Thanks for the videos !

  2. I am confused ( not an unusual situation for me) as to what color represents what. Could you please use a pointer to show what is jig, what is fish, what is vegetation and what is the bottom.
    I really enjoy your videos and have gotten some good ideas for hammering some crappie. But I don't understand fish finders very well. How can you tell what kind of bottom you are fishing when there is three different colors showing? Also, I understand that GPS gives latitude and longitude coordinates. And I can find spots I mark as waypoints. But how do you locate GPS coordinates you haven't been to yet? For instance, here in northeast Kansas, we have several reservoirs that will have brush piles put in the water and then they put out the coordinates.
    Maybe I am just too stupid to figure it out, but how can you use the fish finder to locate these spots?
    Thanks for taking the time to share your insights on crappie fishing, and keep your line wet!


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