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As the New Ice Fishing Season begins most of us ice fishermen are excited at the prospect of catching more fish.

By now much of the Northern United States and Canada are frozen over with many fishermen venturing out on hard ice-covered lakes, ponds, and rivers. To help give you a jump start to choosing and buying the Best Ice Fishing Pole, we’ve compiled our list of the Top Top 10 Ice Fishing Poles. No matter what species of fishing you seek or body of water you fish the ice fishing poles we have profiled here will help you land more fish this ice fishing season.

One Key Feature that should never be overlooked when buying an ice fishing pole is: Rod Sensitivity – Most species of fish are very sluggish in the winter with the extremely cold water temperatures, so detecting bites might be difficult. That is why the sensitivity of your ice fishing pole is a key fishing strategy you keep an eye on when ice fishing. You need your ice fishing pole to be as sensitive as possible, especially when targeting fish such as crappie and walleye for example. All the ice fishing poles listed below have a great rod sensitivity rating.

Our Top 10 List of Ice Fishing Poles

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