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Total 40pcs fishing jigs in a plastic box.

ICE FISHING- MAKES FISHING FUNNY.  Some tips some tips and strategies for ice fishing. 
Depth Matters  
Fish generally will stay a specific depth during the winter, making it easy to find them.
Do some simple internet research to find out what depth the species of fish you’re trying to catch stay around during the winter months.

Slow and Steady Wins the Fish 
Fish don’t expend as much energy during the winter months.
If you move your bait or jig too fast a fish might let it go in order to save energy.
This is the biggest problem novice ice fisherman have when they start out.

Use a Bobber to Set the Hook at the Right Time
  Not only do fish use less energy during the winter months, they are also less aggressive.
They won’t hit your bait or jig as aggressively as they would during the summer months. This is where a slip bobber comes into play.
With a slip bobber you can set the depth of line and see when a fish might be giving you action.

Bait the Bottom 
Both bluegills and perch love to feed off the bottom during the winter months.
Try bouncing your bait off the bottom to stir up some mud and debris. This can attract fish from a distance.
🐟ATTRACTIVE PRECISE JIGJING MOTION: Precise jigging motion makes the fishing jigs more attractive. Jig head features premium solid colors and highly detailed paint finishes that replicate natural colorization process keeping the hook bright and attractive to fish!
🐟GLOW IN THE DARK ICE FISHING JIGS: Luminous Glow Ice Fishing Jigs. Most of fishing jigs are glow in the dark, which peeks the curiosity of the fish. Great for darker water and low-light conditions, the innovative jigs have the ability to attract fish from a wider area. Use for suspended fish or on bottom. Ice fishing jigs can catch a wide range of fish, deadly for walleyes, bass, trout, pike, crappies, Panfish, bluegill, yellow perch, etc.
🐟GREAT SELECTION OF VIBRANT COLORS: Great selection of Vibrant colors. Body coating with vivid pattern and bright color. Vivid colors will bring amazing response and more attractive to fishing targets.
🐟SHARP AND DURABLE FISHING JIGS: The hook is sharp and durable. The precision balance is amplified by a 90-degree hook eye, which ensures the optimal horizontal position and maintains the perfect strike angle! Wider round gap greatly increasing your hook rate percentage.
🐟GREAT ASSORTMENT OF SIZES ICE FISHING GEAR: 8 Shape of Small Jigs: 1/28oz*10pcs, 1/26oz*10pcs, 1/22oz*5pcs, 1/19oz*5pcs, 1/13oz*5pcs, 1/10oz*5pcs. All the Package include: 40pcs ice fishing lures = 8 different shape of fishing jigs + 1 plastic box.


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