PUNCHING for Bass in THICC Grass!!!


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I finally took the new flippin rod out and put it to the test against heavy vegetation! It doesn’t get any better than this!!

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  1. For everyone the is upset about my comment towards keeping bass….im all for pond management and understand it is necessarily to grow trophy sized bass. I just don't like seeing people keep bass only for the sake of eating them and not for fish management. I consider them more of a sport fish than a eating fish. The comment was more of a joke so don't feel like you HAVE to unsubscribe 👍

  2. I wanna no how the bass will get bigger if you don’t take out some smaller ones so if you think the bass are gonna get to 10lbs by throwing all them back in your wrong go back to school or ask the pond guy he’ll tell you that you have to take them out.

  3. 🔊📢📣I’m nasty on the chatterbait but still have yet to catch a single fish on a frog‼️‼️!…… why? Does Maryland just suck for top water bass fishing? Lol

  4. Fuck u flair u suck sick all you catch is small fish I catch bigger right Down the road from my house u just suck and you don't need heavy line as long as you got you drag set u noob