NIGHT Fishing for GIANT Black Crappie (Ice Fishing 2019)


Giant Crappie caught while ice fishing at night with live minnows on a double jig setup. In this video Davis Lenzen walks through how he uses the flasher display on the Garmin 73Cv Ice Fishing Sonar unit to find suspended crappie while night fishing. The double jig setup worked great for catching crappie in the summer, so ice fishing while have two jig tied on line can be just as productive, especially when fishing with live bait.
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MUSIC BY: Lakey Inspired – Feeling Good


  1. Absolute great video as always. Thank you. We finally have some ice here in central PA. I'm actually thinking about going to see if there's enough to do some fishing this evening.

  2. 14" for me in fall on a minnow. This was a great video one of the best, your camera angles were spot on and great info as always, keep it up! That was a very nice crappie!!!

  3. Nice Slab!
    My biggest? Nowhere near yours…..but it was 4 all caught back to back, all exactly 13 3/4”.
    I’m still trying for the 14” Crappie that would be a Michigan Master Angler.

    Great video Davis, and quick question. Usually I see a ads in your videos but not this one, just one at the beginning I was wondering why?

  4. Another great video. You taught me a lot about how the flasher is used. I got a Garmin Echomap Plus 73SV Touch screen for Christmas and I'm just learning to use it. Had my best day so far this year today. Caught 20 crappie today. My big fish today was 15.25 inches. Also caught a 14, two 13s, two 12s and a bunch of 10s and 11s. My least was 9.5. The water temp was 41 and I caught them in six feet of water. We don't have any ice fishing here in North Alabama, but we do night fish. I always hang a light right at the water surface to attract the fish and it works great. You might want to try a light. I'd bet your number of fish would go up significantly.


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