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I purchased a Otter Magnum plastic sled for transporting my ice fishing gear to my favorite ice fishing spot. I needed something to pull behind my quad to get my gear down to the river for ice fishing. So far I have no complaints about buying the Otter Magnum sled. This sled can sure carry a lot of gear and great for packing a lot of gear. I can carry all my ice fishing gear in this sled that I need for a good day of ice fishing.

I chose the Magnum because of it’s size which is 74 “L x 38” W x 14 “D and only 42lbs. I like that it’s 14 inches deep so you can protect your gear when in transport and nothing will fall out. The length is Also good as you can fit a lot of gear into it. The sled can hold all of my gear which is my portable ice shelter, chairs, auger, tackle, coolers, propane tank and more. I did not buy the cover to keep the elements off my gear, I just line the sled with a tarp and cover and bungee it down and it works fine to keep the snow off the gear from the tires of the quad.

The hitch I had to buy and I like that it detaches fast from the sled with pins. It can hold up to the speed, bumps and ups and downs from being towed behind my quad. The only thing I need to buy is the runners for underneath the sled. The runners save the bottom ridges from damage from towing. The store I bought it from was sold out at the time so I elected to take it now and buy the runners when they order more in.

With it only being 42lbs, its easy to move around and store it when your done with it. All in all, I’m pleased with the Otter sled, it’s tough and durable to withstand all you can put it through. I plan to use it all year round to move and tow things and maybe even deer hunting season!

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