A couple hours ice fishing with my daughter, Emily lands her new personal best largemouth bass. Didn’t get much good footage with the camera plus it kept fogging up.wasn’t going to make a video but Emily wanted a video of our day fishing. This one’s for you EM – had a good time fishing together

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lazy day by Jason shaw


  1. Hey bro! I'm not trying to rush the awesome summer . but I can't wait and i hope we get to do this, this winter!! if the snow aint too bad there I'd like to try as many holes/bodies of water as possible there! Thank's again for meeting me there sat. we make a good fishin team haha!-

  2. bro you are so blessed! sucj a gr8 father! (kinda reminde me a mine! haha) wish I could have 1 but cantw/my wife n I guess I'm stupid,not into the adoption thing plus what ever! we need a miracle lol plu some good NY fishin! wish I had a bro like you,my fam,s always pissed whaen I come home n alll's I wannna do is fish w/ my niece's like we used to! waaaah sorry about my bitch fest

  3. @Mr ballistic!holy crap lol send some my way(gregoir)..Bill…I might be there in a few week's 4 my mom's b day,you ever go to" keg creek"? my dad used to go to n I did but was to young, thinkin about hittin"it up w/ friend that lol see's your vid's. n is always like"we gotta go fishin there w/ you n meet him" haha dude..awesome vids always from youn I miss the fishin there so much!

  4. Huge largemouth, way to go Emily! I heard there has been much better action in there now that we're in late ice.

    Colin and I got out Sunday too, but not enough action for a video- only 13 gills.

  5. NH still has some good ice. went out sunday had about 16 to 18 inches of ice still. I only had to drill one hole. sat there all day perch after perch 12 to 14 inches. Just when i thought the bite was over more came in . They still are all there I dont eat fish but love to catch them.

  6. thanx…1 dam broke in the chagrin n both rivers are 8 ft. n over! wife's aunts house/street had to evacuate thank GOD we didn't get flood damage! waters gotta be all messed up!n it's all freezing already! you guy's get it @ all? thats weird cuz we were there last night just before it happened n they were catchin steelies like crazy! to ya" later

  7. fishing was pretty good for sunnies and crappies here in minnesota. we kept 89 sunnies and 14 crappies and the biggest ones were 10.5 inch sunnie and a crappie that was for sure over 2 pounds

  8. awesome man. Its great bringing the kids out. I brought my 3 year old daughter out and she had a blast. She got a little scared when I caught a pike that was almost the size of her lol…Keep the videos coming man, you got the best ice fishin videos on here

  9. Looks like you two had a great time, and caught some nice bass too. This past summer I took out my Grandaughter ( 3 yrs. old ) and caught some nice crappie. She had a blast but made me put them back in the lake. She said that's where they lived , so let them go home !! Wish I would have had the camera then .

  10. HAHA YOU ARE SO COOL BRO!"america's dream dad/bro"! lol,did you get the comment about that Steelhead?..that exact area n many others around here flooded bigtime overnight "6 feet over flood st8".whatever that means.I wish that steelie was a female though!had I known it was a male I woulda smoked it instead,was hoping 4 some rowe,oh well..awesome vid. call me when ya can…lol 20's(low) for the rest of the week,who know's!?


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