Ice Fishing & Winter Camping In Temagami


Alex and Eric head off to Temagami for an ice fishing winter camping trip. Arriving in the town of Temagami with 4 possible route options, they were quickly down to only 1 with current road closures and heavy snowfall seen in that area. The hot tent is packed, and the temperatures are dropping. Setting out on Cassels Lake with a goal of making it to Blueberry Lake. Find out if we make it in the video above.


  1. Looked like a nice time, always nice to be in the Temagami area. You'll find that old traditional snowshoes work much better than any of the new ones. Live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, 200 inches of snow per year average(500 cm) so deep snow is the norm. For backcountry off trail the old snowshoes are superior. The new modern ones are made for packed trails.

  2. Very nicely done gentlemen! The Temagami beauty shines through, winter or otherwise. Most pleased to hear of the welcoming hospitality, and the assistance you guys were offered and/or received. Temagami is a challenge even with the best laid plans. Always an adventure, yet one that never disappoints! Thank you for your hard work in sharing your good times!

  3. Is there a greater backcountry cuisine than PB bacon wraps? I assume your beers are so close to the fire as they froze. There have certainly been a few beers I’ve thawed in the fire before

  4. Nice to see 2 buds enjoying their adventure in a challenging northern wilderness (remotely located 900 m from the car, no less). That was one busy looking tent. Enjoyed every minute of the video !


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