Ice fishing Using a Manual Ice fishing Auger - Ice Fishing Digest

Ice fishing in North America can take on many forms and varying degrees of creature comforts. The costs involved are similar to fishing on water.

At the basic level you have a manual ice auger with a length of line and a bare hook with a bit of bait.

At the other end of the spectrum you have a power auger which allows you to drill multiple holes quickly and efficiently. Instead of sitting out in the open and being exposed to the elements you could be cosy inside a portable ice fishing shelter with all the modern amenities possible. These may include a small

stove, carpeting, television, bunks, and a kitchen.

There are certain advantages and disadvantages with the outside versus inside ice fishing experience.

The first major advantage of fishing outdoors is enjoying the fresh air. Being out in a natural environment affords the opportunity to view the the local wildlife. The opportunity also exists to joke and communicate with friends and family as you can generally drill a number of holes in proximity to each other.

The only disadvantage to ice fishing outdoors is, well, being outdoors and being exposed to the elements. If the sun disappears behind some clouds suddenly,and the wind picks up a little, things can cool off in a hurry if you are not properly dressed for it.

The major advantage of fishing inside a hut is not what you might think. The top advantage of fishing in a shelter, tent, or other enclosure is increased visibility. Fishing in a dark enclosure suddenly opens up a whole new world. An aquatic world below the ice. If the shelter is totally dark inside, then the only light available comes from the ice. That is correct. The ice lights up and you can see, depending on depth, your lure or bait, and the fish that approach it.

The only disadvantage to ice fishing with a shelter is a lack of mobility. You cannot run and gun when searching for fish. That is why it is wise to choose your location carefully when choosing a spot for your shelter.

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