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You probably know the feeling of enjoying a day on the ice with your buddies, sipping hot tea and sitting on a bucket while anticipating the next nibble. It can be so disappointing when you realize you have to end the day early because your ice fishing rod holder is causing you discomfort, or even worse, breaks altogether.

Rod holders are such valued inventions because they allow an angler to free their hands while fishing. Rather than having to stand all day holding your rod, alternating from side to side, you can actually have a holder on each leg.

Some holders will even allow you to jig the line without needing to bend over. You just move your foot up and down and the line will move too. This is great for mature fisherman especially, because the least you have to bend over, the better.

The shape and molding of the rod holder should be designed for your comfort and maximum rod support. You could have the most comfortable strap on the market, but if the other parts aren’t fitting and shaped to your leg, it will be useless over longer periods.

Changing bait is also easy when you use an ice fishing rod holder.

Instead of having to stick the pole between your legs or throw it on the ground, it’s a matter of tilting it up with your leg and slipping the bait onto the line.

Every fisherman has a different sized body which means your legs are all different too.

This is why it’s important to find one that will fit any sized leg and still be comfortable or at least has room for your clothing and weight loss or gain. Even the toughest of ice fisherman can have trouble with extremely cold conditions and holding out a rod all day can cause problems with your hands.

When you have your rod in an ice fishing rod holder you can also keep your hands in your pockets or even hold that nice warm thermos full of hot tea!

Source by Blake Allen

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