Ice Fishing Crappie with LIVE Minnows (Garmin Panoptix)


Crappies can be a blast to catch especially during first ice and with a warm-up in the weather. Smaller pothole lakes like the one I was one are a great place to target crappie first ice because these crappies suspends over the deeper basins during the winter. Bring a sharp auger blade and Live minnows are you are in for a fun time ice fishing for these schooling crappies.
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  1. Great video. How thick does the ice have to be in order to be safe to go out on, and how do you know it is safe"? (I am from the south rarely get ice over ponds much less a lake). Also one other comment I am hard of hearing so I use the closed caption if it is available. Keep that in mind when filming and you show how to put a minnow on for example and you hold it low, it is hidden behind the closed caption when someone is watching. May want to raise is up about 6 inches for better viewing. And lastly where were those nice crappie when you were fishing your hardest during the late summer and fall? Really enjoyed it though. Tks for posting.


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