THIS WAS A TOTAL DISASTER!!! So originally I planned on going ice fishing with my girlfriend Macy. After we left the store we went to the lake and realized the ice wasn’t safe. So the next morning I drove an hour south to find “safe ice” with Josh from PigPatrol.

Although the ice was somewhat safe at 8am, by 1pm that was a different story. The lesson I hope you all take from this video is to NEVER go ice fishing when the ice is questionably safe! Other than ruining a GoPro and losing a couple rods, I made it out okay. I hope you all enjoy this FAIL of a fishing video! Thanks for watching!

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  1. Lol crawling around and he's in 3 feet of water. Your already wet , walk back into the water and get the rods, sissy. I would have tossed the buddy the vex and gear before hand. What are the temperatures over there in wintertime, no snow and 2 inches of ice 😯

  2. Love ya flair, but while you were stranded why the fuck didn't you just throw all your shit to the land? That would've reduced your weight first off, secondly, all your stuff wouldve stayed dry

  3. Take an ice spud with you which has a long wooden handle pass/transfer your gear to the person safe on the bank within a bucket tied to the spud. Once gear is safe take spud and check ice all the way to where it is no longer safe mark it somehow. Back up a few yards (for me it would take 50 + yards these days) to build momentum and then pole vault across the span of thin ice and water, with your small frame and with a little luck you’ll only get your feet wet…..hopefully. Be sure the ice spud remains in your hands you might need it to stop yourself from falling backwards. I cann't even guess how many times we did that in the spring in Michigan as a kid. Always be safe and check ice every hour that spud would really help with that and they do not cost as much as a good fishing rod.


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