Flasher vs. No Flasher Ice Fishing CHALLENGE! (Big Crappies)


Do you need to have a flasher to catch fish? Absolutely not. Does it help? For sure YES. If you guys are able to get a flasher definitely do it, its worth the money.

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  1. Why don’t they make the flasher things produce a clear image like some of the newest radar does? Some new side scanning is producing clear enough images to easily identify the fish species on the screen. So amazing.

  2. I just went on a trip with two old timers. We all caught fish but those two old guys outfished me big time. Both used poles with no reels and hand lined every fish. One used a flasher, one didn't. One has never used a flasher and he outfished the two that did. I think sometimes the flasher helps but it hurts too. When the bite is light and you are looking at the flasher you miss a few more hooksets. He never missed. The dude duct taped his spring bobber onto his poles. It was hard to pick on him when he was catching more fish. Granted we were on the fish and I wont fish without one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iq-ouYB_08s Had so many fish had to put it into five videos and all hook ups. Hope to run into you on the fox this year.

  3. Nice job guys. From the Ashland area so I am experiencing the same challenges with LOADS of snow. Its been a tough early season. Lake Superior is freezing nicely and I was out yesterday. If fishing for trout, salmon, whitefish is of interest drop me a line. Cheers guys.

  4. I would totally agree with you that where youre fishing I'd want a flasher! Where I fish though I will outfish you not using a flasher 2 to 1 at least! It's 6-8 feet deep where I fish and lots of weeds. I don't even bring my flasher with anymore, all you'll read is weeds and adjusting it so you don't read the weeds takes too much time! I don't use tungsten jigs either, just a super tiny jig with one spike. I feel for the weeds and lift up an inch above them. If I don't catch a fish in 2 or 3 minutes I move onto another hole. Try the challenge in super weedy areas, that'd be interesting! Cool video though, I love these kind of challenges!


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