First ice Walleye action ( Northern Ontario )

Fishing with Andre, Conjuring Rock and I head up to North for some first ice Walleye… Big shout out to the boys from conjuring Rock for doing some scouting and finding the lake for us and thank you to Ben K for some B-roll shots, my b-roll was lost do to cold cam… As always their links will be down below to their channels, Go check out their videos of our day… I couldn’t have asked for a better day to start off the 2020 ice season… Some very nice fish landed.

Gear used-
Ice hut used- Frabil Recruit 1250 insulated flap-over ice hut

Ice sonar used- Humminbird Ice 55

Ice suit- Frabil Ice fishing suit

Rod used-
13Fishing Micotech Walleye 36inch

Reel used-
Daiwa Regal LT 1000D

Camera- Garmin Virb
Camera- GoPro Hero3+

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  1. Those were some awesome walleyes, man! Been waiting for the video since you posted the teaser.

    Not gonna lie though, it took me a hot minute to realize you were charging the glow baits when you were holding it up to your headlamp. I thought you were sniffing the minnow head haha


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