What a crazy day of fishing! Tons of action. An insane school of panfish in every hole! They were biting on everything I sent down!

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  1. Everyday on the ice is different.. I bring both and plenty of small tackle and bait's in various sizes.. Early ice is always the best time to be out there. . I'm waiting for pools 9 and 10 of the Mississippi to freeze up then I will start fishing. Great video and looked like a good day out fishing..

  2. For finicky fish I still rely on waxworms. Little less finicky I use spikes and if I find the fish and they're biting I will just about always use plastics. Why waste live bait when you can catch several fish on one piece of plastic? I use some Gulp red worms last year and caught over 40 fish just on a piece of the red worm! At that rate I could fish all season on less than an entire jar of that stuff!

  3. Great Vidja! I'm a crazy bass fisherman, but gettin' back into the Hard Water fishin'. I'd like to see a vidja on fishing with no flasher. Us Michigan boys don't have a whole lot of money for em' LMAO.


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