DOITPE Fishing Jigs,2pcs Spoon Fishing Lures Sinking Jig Fish 3-21g Nickel Treble Hooks with Feather Metal Sequins Bait in Freshwater and Saltwater (Gray, 21g(61mm))

Price: $7.64
(as of Jan 04,2021 19:36:49 UTC – Details)

This fishing Lure is perfect for freshwater and saltwater, surf fishing, outdoor fishing, ice fishing, salmon fishing, marlin fishing, trout fishing, panfish fishing, bass fishing,
ocean fishing, sea fishing, river fishing, walleye fishing, steelhead fishing, carp fishing, pike fishing, catfish fishing. Top choice for spinning, trolling, jig and baitcasting.

Product features:
faster cutting water, fun design, nickel treble hooks, stainless steel split rings, mega durability.
made with extra durable materials.
comes with nickel treble hooks with feather and stainless steel split rings. Bright color of the lure helps to attract fish more often compares to our competitors.
cheap price, fun design, it’s a perfect and fun gift!

The method of dragging the bait is basically the same in both seawater and freshwater. After throwing in the water, according to the fish’s active depth, wait a
moment, after reaching the specified depth, start to wind up the line.If the bottom is relatively clean, you can change the speed to swing back the line. If the
bottom is more miscellaneous, please return with fixed speed after casting, so as to avoid deceleration sink Hanging the bottom, damage to the line and bait.The Spoons Fishing Lures Suitable for Freshwater and Saltwater Species.Fit for Such as Perch Crappie Trout Bass Redfish Pike Musky Walleye Salmon and Stripe Fishing.
The Casting Spoon lures Made of Strong Metal, Bending and Corrosion.And Make The Spoon Smooth And Rapid Riving Action. With Noise Paillette, Making Noise to Attract Fish.
Nickel treble hooks with feather and stainless steel split rings.If you are a fishing enthusiast, take this lure and it will increase your catches and bring you much fun.
Casting or Trolling, Weight hard lure can increase the throw distance at the same time,let you can use longer than ordinary plastic lures.
Great funny gag gift. Excellent visual effect of luring fish. It can be used both in freshwater and saltwater.You can make an incredibly fun gift to your friend who likes fishing

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